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Retirement Plan Software – Pro Version

Take your professional career to the next level with Benson Financial Solutions’ Pro Version of our retirement plan software. This version is designed to help insurance agents who are licensed to sell life and long-term insurance and fixed annuities. This same retirement plan software comes complete with a Pension Max, Split Annuity, and an RMD Calculator, so you can help your client be as prepared as possible for the future.

Other illustration tabs include Pension Max, Split Annuity and an RMD Calculator. When it has become the new normal for people to spend 20-30 years in retirement, being well-prepared is the best practice. As an insurance agent, this version of our retirement plan software will provide a comprehensive overview of what your client’s retirement could look like in a few different situations. As a result, your client will leave knowing whether or not their retirement plan will stand the test of time. We do not just help clients who are adequately prepared for the future; we advise those who are the survivors of a spouse have a proper retirement plan or savings in place. This retirement-plan software gives a real look at the financial impact of potentially devastating budget blows like the premature death or an extended bout in a long-term care facility.

The Complete Retirement-plan Software

Through the generation of basic, easy-to-understand graphs and charts your clients will be able to understand, this software assists with the proper financial planning for various retirement situations. In a few short strokes of the keyboard, you will be able to answer the “what if” questions that almost every client has as they prepare for retirement. Are you trying to establish yourself as your client’s complete financial advisor? This retirement-plan software is your answer, as it is designed to help your clients get a more in-depth look at the retirement-planning process.

Make the Transition Now

This software does more than help your clients enhance their financial situation. With the added ability to track monthly retirement account balances and to define various account taxation variables, you can position yourself as your client’s complete financial advisor.

Unlimited access to this information helps agents provide an overview of the bigger financial picture, which includes annuities and life and long-term care insurance. Together, you and your client can set goals and craft plans that align with their retirement-plan needs.

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