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Retirement Planning Software – Consumer

When you need a prospecting tool that also functions as a consumer solution for understanding retirement, the consumer version of our Retirement Analyzer is a must. This retirement-planning tool is simpler than other versions, but still provides the information needed for clients to understand the logistics of retirement. As intended, this software was designed with consumers in mind. In an effort to help consumers prepare for a number of different situations, this software handles all the calculations that need to be evaluated.

Consumers-first Approach

Unlike other versions, this retirement software was created for consumer use. The way it works is simple: Software users are prompted by two virtual guides that provide simplified explanations that are designed to help consumers navigate through otherwise convoluted retirement-planning software.

Impactful Financial Tool

In addition to helping consumers, this retirement-planning software has proven to be a helpful prospecting tool for insurance agents. When agents have a lead, this tool can effectively be shared with prospective clients, who are able to input their own information, seeing the information for themselves. Have a seminar? Sharing this retirement-planning tool with your guests can have a powerful impact. On the same token, this software makes for great mailer material for potential prospects.

How It Works

Every insurance agent receives an Agent ID when purchasing this retirement-planning tool. This Agent ID number then serves as a tracker that links the shared software with the agent who supplied it. As a result, further customer inquiries can be directed to the appropriate insurance agent, allowing them to get hot leads and potential appointments.

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