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Benson Financial Solutions is a proud provider of The Retirement Analyzer. This one-of-a-kind retirement planning software is designed to help insurance agents offer comprehensive retirement service, ultimately allowing their clients to receive the financial advisory they deserve. The way this retirement planning software works is simple: It calculates an approximate financial overview, helping clients make well-informed decisions about retirement.

Retirement Planning Software for Insurance Agents & Their Customers

When you partner with the experts at Benson Financial Solutions, you have full access to this exclusive retirement planning software, so you can do your job better than ever. The ability to make better financial decisions about retirement makes your role as an insurance agent invaluable to your clients. At Benson Financial Solutions, we know you are valuable, so we give you the extra boost you need to take your sales to the next level. In addition to having access to our retirement planning software, you will receive comprehensive training that is geared around helping you get the most from your retirement planning software. For four years now, we have helped insurance agents boost their careers, getting them where they need to be.

Your One-stop Retirement Shop

Our retirement planning software prepares you easily and effectively answer questions based on a client’s retirement goals. The software helps you present and sell customized product solutions based on a client’s needs. Your retirement planning software can help answer many important questions. Below is an overview of retirement questions this retirement planning software can help you answer on your clients’ behalf:

  • How would my family be affected if I die prematurely?
  • When can I retire safely?
  • How could my financial situation change during challenging economic times?
  • Can I continue my standard of living into my retirement years?

Find the Retirement Planning Software Perfect for You

Like clients, every agent has his or her own unique set of needs. In an effort to pair you with the best retirement solution, we offer a few different packages. While each level has a different focus, they all provide a comprehensive approach to retirement planning.

  1. Pro Version
  2. Pro Plus Version
  3. Consumer Version

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When you want to help your clients prepare for retirement, our retirement planning software is the only solution.

For help discovering which package is right for you, call our service office at (844) 853-8200.

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